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The latest technology in dental implantology

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By the  New Smile Dental Group
for Medical Vacation in CR

Medical tourism means the rapidly growing practice of traveling abroad looking for health care.  Medical tourism offers a unique opportunity for patients to receive significant savings on dental treatments.

Costa Rica is one of the largest sources of dental tourists, who will save more than 70 percent by doing their dental treatments in our country.  We at New Smile Dental Group in Costa Rica wish that you can take advantage of our affordable costs, high quality, safe, enjoyable dental health vacations, and give yourself the pleasure of smiling again!

One of your biggest wishes is having the most wonderful vacations and return home with a beautiful smile?  Come to Costa Rica where you can do dental tourism with your family and/or friends!  Costa Rica is a country with a sustainable and ecological tourism that  New Smile logo
favors conservation of the natural resources thinking of our future generations, both of Costa Ricans and tourists.

Dental tourism at New Smile Dental Group in Costa Rica is awesome!  In three appointments you will have a new smile. During the first one you will have your mouth prepared. Seven days later your new teeth will be placed, and you will need a third appointment for adjustments.  In the meantime you can visit our beaches, our mountains and any of our attractive touristic places.

We at New Smile Dental Group in Costa Rica strongly believe that having a great dental team is the number one way to build a dental practice with excellence.  New Smile Dental Group in Costa Rica offers you the latest advances in technology, materials and procedures to make your dental treatment safe, comfortable and affordable.

These special properties contribute to a great rate of success (99 percent). New Smile Dental Group is the only dental implant center in Costa Rica that is offering lifetime dental implants warranty.

If you are missing one or several natural teeth, the dental implants become the ideal solution to replace them giving you the pleasure of smiling again! Our dental implants are made of titanium, grade 5. The titanium metal is the metal par excellence to integrate with human bone. This process is called osseo-integration and/or bio-integration. In dentistry, these natural processes allow the dental implants to fuse to the mandibular and maxillary bone. For this reason, bone loss is generally not a problem.

The candidate for dental implants can have the missing teeth replaced with dental implants, which are covered first with temporaries and in just one week later, with the permanent porcelain fused to high noble metal crowns/bridges.

By using the latest technology in dental implantology, our dental implants have reduced the pain and discomfort associated to flap surgeries, offering you a flawless surgery with minimal invasive dental implants placement procedures.

In summary, there is always a dental implant solution independently of your age or the number of teeth to be replaced.

In 2009 New Smile Dental Group was the first dental center in Costa Rica internationally accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. In 2010 the Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine honored New Smile Dental Group with the Seal of Quality.

We are also members of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

We invite you to come to Costa Rica to visit New Smile Dental Group for your dental treatment and our beautiful country for the most wonderful vacations ever!

Costa Rica invites you for health care
By the Medical Vacation in CR staff

Costa Rica is becoming the mecca for North Americans and others who need reasonable health care. The president of Costa Rica has put out the welcome map for foreigners who want to come here to take advantage of the lower-cost medical care.

The former president, Nobel-Peace Prize winner Óscar Arias Sánchez, issued a formal decree to assist those local clinics, medical professionals and the foreigners who wish to come here.

Among other actions, the president said the country would promote international accreditation of hospitals and clinics which specialize in foreign patients. Already Costa Rica has hospitals that are highly respected. One even is associated with Southern Methodist University.

Accreditation will give visitors a guarantee that highly trained professionals from elsewhere have studied the education, facilities, practices and philosophies of those organizations offering health care.

Arias already has told the educational ministry to make sure high school graduates are functional in English within a few years. That goes double for the health professions, because many physicians, dentists and nurses have studied in the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

Arias also said that his government would work with foreign insurance providers to make certain that medical care here will be covered by  companies in the home country.

In 2007 some 8,500 foreigners, mostly U.S. citizens, came to Costa Rica for health care. Costa Rica has a dynamic system covering most of its citizens, and many practitioners share their time between private and public hospitals and clinics. So they have the advantages of both.

Why is health care so reasonable here? A lot has to do with the bureaucracy of the U.S. system. Some sources estimated that fully 40 percent of the money spent on medical care in the United States goes to administration.  Costa Rica is a country that is not known for its high insurance rates on medical professional. Plus the overall cost of living is much lower.

Costa Rica is convenient and just a few hours by air from most of the United States. And as a recovery spot nothing can beat the great climate, the great service and the many possibilities a medical vacationer can find in Costa Rica.
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